Pet Adoption

Pinehurst & Southern Pine NC Real Estate

For every real estate sales transaction we help you finalize, Hawkeye will donate $100 to Moore County Animal Services to support their pet adoption efforts.

Hawkeye Home Sales is a passionate advocate for pet adoption.  When Monica and Brad lost two of their dogs to medical issues, Mack (a rescued family member) and Tinker Belle, they began looking at adoptable dogs through area shelters.  After visiting and looking at available dogs within 100 miles of Southern Pines, we decided to start visiting animal shelters. Our first stop was Moore County Animal Services, the local government run “dog pound.”  Due to overpopulation, the shelter has to put animals down every month.  No matter how well-meaning an animal rescue organizations is, they cannot rescue every single animal. It just so happened that the dog who chose us was on “death row.”  When a dog chooses you, then you know you’ve found a friend for life!  George is a 40+ pound Carolina Cur who was collected from a county low-income neighborhood, and had been homeless for a long time.  George was initially scared of men, but more comfortable with women. That was early December of 2016.  Since then, George has warmed up to Brad, and is now an official member of our family (although Monica is truly his “person”).  George is gentle, quiet and plays well with other dogs.  We have never regretted rescuing him for a second!

Learn how to ADOPT A PET HERE from Moore County Animal Services current residents.

Hawkeye Homes supports Moore County Animal Services, in an effort to save the lives of as many animals as possible.  The last thing this amazing group of people want is to put any animal to sleep. They are truly compassionate about the lives of animals, and are working hard to find them forever homes. 

Coldwell Banker also supports pet adoption as a nationwide corporation with a relationship with Adopt A Pet. While we are in the process of “Seeing You Home,” we will also continue to support animals in finding their “furr-ever homes.”  Click on their link above and watch some of their amazing videos of adopted pets settling into their new homes!